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Emergency Equipment

When out on the open water, it’s vital you’re equipped to deal with an emergency situation.

At YouBoat, marine safety is a top priority. Our range of the highest quality products is designed to aid you in the easiest way possible when you’re up against it on the open water. From fires in the engine compartment to man overboard situations, our essential safety equipment will ensure you can act quickly and effectively when faced with an onboard emergency.

Fire Extinguishers

When dealing with a fire on board, it’s essential that you have the right emergency equipment to hand.

One of our most popular emergency items is the European-made Fire Safety Stick. Lightweight with a longer-lasting capability, the extinguishing stick is non-toxic and incredibly easy to use. Suitable for most types of marine fires including electrical, solid materials and flammable liquids.

Our top recommendation for vessels with an engine compartment is the Seafire FG 150 Automatic Fire Extinguisher. Cleverly designed to deploy automatically once heat is detected, this popular extinguisher is capable of inhibiting combustion within seconds.

Emergency Ladders

Whether you’re a pleasure-cruising group or a single-handed sailor, an easy-to-use emergency ladder is vital in the event of man overboard incidents.

The Osculati Recessed Emergency Ladder made from durable, watertight materials can be easily used by the person in the water and is ideal for high decked or platformed vessels.

Featuring strong plastic steps and an easily deployed webbing rail, the 114cm Waveline Emergency Ladder is an emergency essential for single-handed sailors.

YouBoat – a Trusted Name in Marine Safety Products

With YouBoat, you’re in safe hands:

  • Highest quality products
  • Expert knowledge and advice
  • Excellent customer service

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YouBoat – a name you can trust for all your boating safety needs.



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