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Just like your car, your boat’s engine needs the right type of treatments and lubrication to ensure peak performance and a longer engine life.

However unlike a car, marine engines often need to withstand harsh, saltwater conditions. That’s why it’s essential to care for your boat’s engine with top quality fluids that are up to the job.

At YouBoat we stock a range of top-grade treatments specifically engineered to operate in extreme marine conditions. All our products meet or exceed manufacturer specifications.

Engine Oils

High quality engine and motor oils are essential for protecting your marine engine’s internal components against wear, corrosion and sludge build-up, effectively extending engine life.  Quicksilver OPTIMAX/DFI is specifically formulated to meet the performance demands of Direct Fuel Injected 2-stroke outboard engines.


If you’re storing your boat over winter, you’ll need to ensure fuel in the tank is maintained in optimal condition. Anti-bacterial additive, Quicksilver Quickstor can stabilise fuel for up to a year, protecting against corrosion and oxidisation while providing essential lubrication to vital components while your boat is not in use.  

Once you’re back on the water, regular use of Quicksilver Quickcare with every fill-up will help maintain fuel freshness and purity, maximising engine performance over the season.

Take Care of Your Boat With YouBoat

From essential marine maintenance products to emergency safety equipment, you’ll find everything for your boating needs right here at YouBoat. Our trusted UK chandlery has been supplying the British sailing and boating community with top quality products for over 10 years.

What you get with YouBoat:

  • Top quality products at unbeatably low prices
  • Excellent customer service
  • Expert support and advice
  • Fast and efficient delivery service
  • Loyalty points

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out what our happy customers are saying on Trustpilot.

When it comes to marine maintenance, you can trust YouBoat for your boat.



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