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Sea Anchors & Drogues

Adverse weather can be a massive challenge for even the most experienced sailors. When you’re caught up in bad weather, it’s vital that you’re equipped to deal with the storm head on and ride through it to safety.

A suitable drogue can dramatically help you to reduce speed and prevent surfing, broaching and possible capsize.

YouBoat is a trusted UK supplier of marine safety and emergency equipment, serving the needs of sailors for over 10 years. Our selection of sea anchors and drogues are designed to help you maintain stability and control in rough weather conditions.

For boats 9.0m or less, we recommend the Waveline floating drogue. Available in various sizes this low-cost, floating drogue helps prevent broaching, giving you the stability you need in choppy waters.

A para drogue such as the Para Anchor Single Yacht Drogue can also be rigged as an emergency steering device; a vital aid if you’re towing another vessel.

For long-distance sailing, the Global 12 Para Anchor is a worthy investment, helping you stay in control on the unforgiving high seas. The high-density para made of heavy duty, durable nylon is easily deployed and can be quickly retrieved once the storm has passed.

Trust YouBoat UK Chandlery for Your Marine Safety Needs

YouBoat has been serving the safety needs of UK sailors for over 10 years. From lifejackets and life rafts to safety lines and beacons, you can rely on us to provide the highest quality safety products at the most competitive prices.

At YouBoat, we also guarantee:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Fast and efficient delivery
  • Invaluable help and advice from our expert team

Don’t just take our word for it. Read the positive feedback we’ve already received from satisfied customers.

When it comes to marine safety supplies, YouBoat is a trusted name you can rely on.



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