We stock a comprehensive range of high-quality and lightweight inflatable dinghies. With options from some of the leading brands, such as Crewsaver, Seago (read our ultimate Seago dinghy guide), WavEco and Waveline, there is sure to be an option for you. With so many options, choosing the right inflatable dinghy can be a challenging task. For assistance, read our ultimate guide to choosing the right inflatable dinghy for your needs or get in touch.

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At YouBoat, we stock a range of slatted and airdeck dinghies at competitive prices from top brands including Crewsaver, WavEco and Waveline. With their portable, versatile and convenient nature, inflatable dinghies can be invaluable for boat owners. Whether you're going to use it for a day out fishing at sea or carrying people and luggage to a larger vessel, dinghies such as our Waveline 2.7m Slatted Floor are a great option for sailors.

We firmly believe that it’s best to buy a brand new dinghy rather than settling for a second-hand one. A pre-owned dinghy may have damage or other issues that aren’t immediately obvious, even if you get the chance to inspect it or give it a brief ‘test run’. All of our dinghies are 'off-the-shelf', meaning you get a brand-new and high-quality every time.

If you can’t find a particular dinghy here, contact us and let us know. There's a strong chance we can source the dinghy you're after and we’ll be more than happy to supply a quote for your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Slatted floor dinghies contain slats that go over the floor on the dinghy, usually made of wood or aluminium with gaps between, where as, as the name suggests, air floor dinghies have an inflatable floor, which once inflated are rigid enough to stand on, and even jump on.

There are positives and negatives of both types, however overall, air floors are in general regarded as superior, but that's not to say that slatted floors are far behind.

Slatted floor dinghies are quick and easy to assemble, unassemble, can be stored in relatively small spaces which makes them perfect for occasional use. However, the slats are prone to damaing the fabric if they break and are in general, harder to stand on than their counterparts.

On the other hand, airdeck floor dinghies have increased buoyancy, are more stable, extremely easy to assemble, are comfier to sit or kneel on and have increased performance. However, the temperature has an effect on the air pressure in the floor, so you may require more air in it on some occasions and you are unable to mount anything onto it, such as a fish finder.

Most dinghies are made of PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride), which is a lightweight material that is resistant to weathering, chemical rotting, corrosion, shock and abrasion. Ontop of this, PVC is non-toxic, meaning you won't be poisoning the marine life whilst out on the water.

It is recommended that you always wear either a life jacket or buoyancy aid when out on the water. There are important differences between the two, so we recommend reading our guide to decide which one is right for you.

The first thing to do, is determine the material that your dinghy is made of, as different materials may need to be repaired in different ways. If you are unsure where the puncture is, the next step is to inflate the dinghy and apply soapy water and keep an eye out for bubbles forming, then clean and deflate the dinghy once the puncture has been found. From here, it depends on what material your dinghy is made from and we recommend following the guide on the appropriate repair kit.

If you're actively seeking days out on the water in hot weather but don't want to commit fully to a boat, then an inflatable dinghy is perfect for you. Inflatable dinghies are perfect for watersports, exploring or wanting to shuttle to land due to being designed to keep passengers safe and comfortable. Not only that, but inflatable dinghies can be stored away into relatively small spaces, meaning it won't get in the way in the cold winter months when you aren't out on the water. View our guide on picking the right dinghy for more information.

The size of dinghy or tender that you will need is completely dependant upon your requirements of how many people you want to be able to fit, how much space you want and how much you're wanting to take with you.

YouBoat Marine offer Dinghies that have a maximum load weight as high as 490kg on the 3m WavEco dinghy to as little as 200kg on the Crewsaver SL 180 or as many as 4 people on the Talamex Aqualine 300 dinghy. With such a large range of dinghies, YouBoat Marine is the perfect place to discover the right dinghy for you.

If you need an engine or not for your dinghy depends on what you're wanting to do. All dinghies at YouBoat Marine are supplied with oars, which you can choose if you want to use or not, and if you decide to not use them, then we also offer a whole range of Engines & Outboards that may be of interest to you.

The only thing you may be missing when buying a dinghy from YouBoat Marine is a lifejacket or buoyancy aid, everything else such as oars, repair kit, seat and valise is supplied complimentary with your purchase of a dinghy or tender.

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